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WEGO Health Events for you!

WEGO Health has lots of ways for you to get involved RIGHT NOW! Here are a few of the Insight Panels, Webinars, and other Events that we're holding in the next few weeks:


Across Conditions:

Health Activist Coaching Sessions
Get monthly tips and tutorials around how to expand your Health Activism, reach more people, make stronger connections, and use your tools more effectively. 

Health Activist Roundtable
Join other Health Activists that focus on your condition to help raise awareness across the entire Health Activist community and get featured on the WEGO Health Blog.

Health Activist Speakers Bureau
Apply to our Health Activist Speakers Bureau to receive exclusive opportunities to attend and speak at conferences, press events, and more to raise awareness for your health conditions.

Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge
We've prepared 30 health-related prompts that will help you get creative on your blog, facebook page, or health community all month long.  Take the challenge and do a post a day for all 30 days of April!



COPD Insight Panel
Discuss the unmet needs of the online COPD & Severe Asthma as well as your experiences and insight into what would help more patients and caregivers.

Crohn's & Gastrointestinal Diseases Insight Panel
Share your thoughts in what's missing in the online Crohn's and Gastrointestinal Diseases communities and what is needed to help raise awareness.